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About Me:

Mojtaba Tajeri works at the Academic Center for Education, Culture, and Research as a Researcher and Educator in Iran. 


He is known for his work on integrating technology into language teaching and learning and his Doctoral Thesis titled “An exploration of Digital Storytelling as a learning activity in the teaching of English as a Second Language in Higher Education.” He is currently lecturer at the University of Sistan and Balouchestan and a guest lecturer at the University of applied science,  and Open University in Zahedan.


His work focuses on integrating technology in English language teaching and learning. He specializes in digitizing stories, a University Module titled “Oral Production”. He has taught and collaborated on nearly 200 digital stories for classrooms with his students in India, France and Iran.


Mr. Tajeri has succeeded in bridging the gap between academic theory and practice by addressing progressive and socially significant challenges and communicating his findings not only to other researchers and students, but also to the general public to create awareness about key language learning implications.


In recent years, he has played a major role in sensitizing teachers to language learning and the problems of language teaching in universities. Through extensive research and outreach, he played a pivotal role in refocusing discussions on the “English language”.


He was a visiting scholar at the Université de Liège and the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) during his Ph.D. He also presented research papers at universities like Harvard University, UC Berkeley, and the University of Tokyo. Tajeri has co-advised a number of graduates (B.A., M.A. students) and research scholars, and has received numerous accolades for his contributions to research and teaching innovation activities.



Advance Master in TESOL ( Teaching English to the Students of Other Languages), with concentration on Educational Technology.


Ph.D English 


M.A Linguistics




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