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MY Projects

Welcome to my project page! Here, you'll discover a variety of projects that I've worked on. Currently, I have completed projects such as a course on Digital Storytelling in EFL classrooms and a Handbook for Teachers focusing on AI in ESL classrooms. Additionally, I have exciting future projects in the pipeline, including book reviews, articles, and various research activities. Stay tuned for updates on these upcoming endeavors!


This course on "Digital Storytelling in EFL Classrooms" is crafted to empower educators and English language learners by offering practical insights and techniques for integrating digital storytelling into language learning, with a focus on the undergraduate level.

AI in ESL Classrooms

A Handbook for Teachers

In this guidebook, I am  diving into the world of innovative teaching methods powered by artificial intelligence (AI). my goal is to make teaching English easier and more effective for you, the teacher. Inside, you'll find practical tips and tools to help you enhance your lessons and make learning English fun for your students.



Coming soon

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